Trading Focus Ltd is an independent UK based marketing company. We specialise in the comparison of Social and Copy Trading brokerages and facilities globally.

There are several companies promoting their services in most market segments, whether they be trading stock indices, currency pairs or commodities. It can be quite daunting looking at how to go about it, whether the commissions are acceptable and whether or not you can make money doing it.

Our job is to simplify this for you by comparing these services whilst offering a fair and impartial view of these companies.

Several trading platforms offer decent spreads, low commissions and you have a fair chance of generating profit however, there are certain organisations which don’t exactly have their clients best interests at heart.

At Trading Focus we utilise our resources to show the benefits of Copy and Social Trading. So whether you are a professional trader or a novice we can show you where to find top traders to follow, which platforms are easier to use, which have the best rips and performance fees and enlighten you as to the easiest and simplest way to make healthy profits with minimum hassle.

Trading Focus Ltd does not offer financial advice and does not solicit business, the traders you follow will do that. We simply compare platforms and show you the benefits of copy trading.